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Thursday, April 26, 2012

“Man with No Name Trilogy” Part 1. “A Fistful of Dollars” Review

                Many popular filmmakers today consider classic western’s to be an influence on them. Such filmmakers include Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, George Lucas, and the Coen Brothers. I personally don’t understand the fascination with them; I prefer the modern westerns over the classic ones but that isn't to say I haven’t enjoyed some oldies myself. Arguably the most famous movies of the genre are the Sergio Leone directed “Dollars” films also known as the “Man with No Name Trilogy”, the big joke being that they are not actually connected to each other even though it might seem like it.

                The first one in the “trilogy” is “A Fistful of dollars”. I believe that in a review critics have an obligation to give as little information about a film as they can while still peaking interest in it(or not), and since telling you anything about the plot would ruin the movie I am going to focus on the most important stuff. Clint Eastwood is the “Man with No Name” (Actually he has a name and it is Joe). His clothing consists primarily of boots a hat and a poncho. That imagery is perhaps the main reason why people consider the three films a trilogy because Eastwood wears the same clothes in all of them. After the clothes, the music is also interesting. It has the type of quality you can expect from Ennio Moricone, and after all a western isn’t a western without its cheesy music.

                This style is what makes Sergio Leone the King of Spaghetti westerns. His vision is truly unique and is perfect for the genre. Unfortunately the vision could not get past the film’s poor execution. The confusing narrative, the bad cinematography, and the disappointing acting, all make this film quite boring. A lot of it has to do, I’m afraid, with the low budget the film had, a shame considering the next two films had the same style but were much better. It just goes to show that a lot of the times if someone has a vision, people have to back it up. Take the movies of James Cameron for example: They keep giving him astronomical budgets and he keeps making excellent movies. Luckily the budget’s tripled for the “sequel” and went even higher for the third film.


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