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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mike's Reviews.

  All of my life I have loved movies. Everyone appreciates watching a good film but my fascination towards cinema goes beyond that of the average moviegoer. Before we get into my obsession with film however it would be better If I gave you folks some background on myself. I was born in Modesto California and I lived there until the age of 7. My mother is Greek and my father American. I also have a sister named Amy that is 4 years younger than me and together the 4 of us moved to Greece and I remember not being to happy about it. But if my memory serves me well i handled the situation as well as any 7 year old would be expected to. I soon got over it though because life there was nice and my mother has a huge family in which all the members are very close so I didn't feel alone. But then when I was about 13 years old my parents divorced and my father moved back to California so me and Amy lived alone with my mother.
     For a lot of people the divorce of their parents can be traumatic but for me it was quite interesting. They split up on friendly terms, they did a great job making sure it didn't affect us negatively by telling us "Dad is moving to American to take care of Grandpa", and since my dad was now living in California, me and Amy had excuses to travel for the summer and spend our vacation with our American family and friends. One very popular pastime for me Amy and our Dad was going to the movies. We didn't go to the movies that much in Greece because movie-going is not as hot there as it is in the US. So in a way you can say that had my parents not have separated I wouldn't have become the cine-file I am today.
My Brother Nektarios
     Today my life is very different: I am now 20 years old I have been living with my dad since I was 17 because I finished high school in Greece, and with enough persuasion from my parents, I decided to pursue a higher education in the US. My dad has since remarried and my mother surprised both me and Amy with with a little brother back in 2007 named Nektarios who is now 4 years old and makes me smile every time I talk to him.
     I aspire to be a filmmaker someday but for now I think that reviewing films will satisfy my craving for interesting movie discussions and will give me room to voice my opinion.

"Every great film should seem new every time you see it." Roger Ebert
     On this blog I will review movies and give them a rating on a 1-10 scale based on their merit. I will be focusing more on classic movies rather than new releases but occasionally I might review a new film if it is worth reviewing. By classic movies I don't necessarily mean old ones, just ones that have or will stand the test of time as well as some obscure ones of my choice. I will also accept requests occasionally and will post special blogs where my audience might get to review a film.
     So if you are skeptical about a film before you watch it and want a film lover's opinion, look no further than Mike's Reviews. The only thing I ask of you aside from relaxing and enjoying my content is to provide feedback. LOTS AND LOTS OF FEEDBACK!!! I can assure you that the more feedback I get the better I will be. You don't have to analyze every aspect of my blog or give me a report for every post, but a simple comment saying "Great post Mike! Excellent job. Cant wait till your next review" will go a very long way. So are you ready to begin a relationship that will benefit both of us? My first review will be up soon (actually within a few hours) and we should start strong. I use WE because this is not my blog it is our blog and it will only work if both of us really want it to. So get that popcorn ready and lets watch some movies!

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